Message from Mr. Davies
In my brief time within the Mountain Lakes community, I have learned something significant about our young people, something that sets them apart from their peers in other communities: service. It is innately part of the MLHS student to give of oneself and to serve the local, national, and global community. So, as an institution of learning, as a community of learners, let’s all learn from these young people.
Each month, this page will be updated to highlight the good things that our students are doing to go beyond themselves and affect their world in a positive fashion. These are examples of character, examples of sustainable living, examples of Laker Pride.
Senior Gina Tomarchio is a wonderful young woman to highlight this month. I am impressed with her passion for giving the youngsters from Boonton an experience of a lifetime. Take a look...

Sails and Smiles
Gina Tomarchio

Sept Service
On Fridays during July and August, MLHS senior Gina Tomarchio hosted “Sails and Smiles”, a day camp she originated in order to earn her Girl Scout Gold Award, which requires 80 hours of involvement in a self-initiated leadership project. 
The camp was an extension of the Mountain Lakes Sailing Association Summer Camp, and was arranged in conjunction with Cedar Hill CDC Community After School Program in Boonton, and with Friends of Cedar Hill, a service club at MLHS
Mr. Everleth begins a sailing lesson with the youngsters from Boonton as part of Gina Tomarchio’s “Sails and Smiles” camp.Says Tomarchio: “I could tell the kids had a memorable experience, but what really convinced me was when one of them said with a sigh, ‘I wish we could do this all summer…’”The new campers from the Cedar Hill CDC Community After School Program set sail with MLHS students under the direction of senior Gina Tomarchio.